Are You Still Using Google+?

So last summer, as Google+ was introduced, I wrote a few posts about it. At the time, I was seriously obsessed with Google+. In both of my posts, I talked about how I was so in love with Google+ that I was leaving Facebook for it. Just look at the titles of the posts:

How Google+ is Like a New Boyfriend

Facebook, We Need to Talk

The thing is…I lost interest in Google+. In fact, I don’t usually visit the site unless I have a specific reason. It just doesn’t seem to interest me anymore, I don’t know. While six months ago I touted the idea of leaving Facebook behind, now I can’t imagine not visiting Facebook everyday.  In fact, it’s open right now.

So what was the problem? What happened to Google+? I’m not even sure, to be honest with you. Are you still on Google+? What do you like about it? Why are you still invested at the site? Help me figure out what I’m missing!

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