Save Time by Setting Limits

I feel like I am always adding to my never ending to do list. There seems to be no end to the amount of projects and responsibilities I take on, even when I am not sure if I can get them done. More and more time taken up, when if I could just set some limits, I would find more time. It’s not so easy though, to say “no” or to turn down potential projects and activities. I am determine to try and scale back this year, and here are three ways I plan on setting some limits.

Understand that YOU don’t have to do it all.

This is one of the hardest things for me. It’s not about control, either. When I see something that needs to get done, or someone needs help, I want to do it because I want to be helpful. A perfect example of this was this week at school. There was a project that  needed to get done, and instead passing it up and letting someone else take care of it, I volunteered myself to do it. It wasn’t necessary for me to do, and I didn’t really have a lot of time to get it done, but I said I would do it anyways. If I had just let someone else take on the project, I would have saved myself a lot of time.

Instead of just saying “no,” let people know why you can’t take it on right now.

I’ve always had trouble saying “no” to people, so when I have to turn down and event or project, I make sure to let them know why. It doesn’t need to be a long detailed reason. I often find that saying, “I wish I could, I just don’t have the extra time right now” works like a charm.

Make sure that the things you are doing are things that make you happy.

I’ve done a lot of this lately, looking at my commitments and asking if they are things that truly make me happy. If you are doing something that doesn’t make you happy, you need to truly reevaluate why you are doing it. This is hard for me, but I am working on making those choices.

Hopefully these changes will help me get a handle on what I take on.

What things do you do to set limits in your life?

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