My Most Useful Scrapbooking Trick

Do you have a “toolbox” of special tricks you use when you are scrapbooking? I do, I have some great tricks that I use to add a little punch to my layouts all the time. Some of them, I use over and over. One trick I always come back to is adding a thin white border around my photos. I think it really draws the attention to the picture, and helps set it apart from the rest of the layout.  Like this:

Here’s how I do it:

  1. Find the photo layer, and open the layer style panel for that layer by double clicking on the layer.
  2. Look down to the bottom of the list and click on “stroke”
  3. Now you need to change the settings.  My preference is to set the size to 16px.  Then switch the position from “outside” to “inside.”
  4. Finally, click on the color box and change the color to white, and hit ok.
  5. Now, back on your layout, add a blank layer above the photo.
  6. Select the photo layer and the blank layer, and merge the two together by right clicking and selecting “merge layers”

Now your photo is ready to be shadowed!

It’s really that easy. I am always impressed at what a difference doing this one trick does for my photos and layouts, especially when I am using really busy patterned papers and elements.

What tricks do you have in your scrapbooking toolbox?

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