Your Thoughts: Reusing Photos on Layouts

This weekend, while I was scrapbooking, I started wondering about something. Do most people reuse photos on their layouts? Often, I find myself going back and pulling a photo of one of my girls that I’ve used before to include it on a layout. Is this something that you do, or do you think it’s almost taboo? Reusing pictures is a strategy that I use often, and I’ll tell you why.

A good picture is a good picture.

Let’s face it, while we take a ton of pictures throughout the year, there are always going to be some that are true standouts.  I can’t turn down a great picture, I just need to use it, and I like using it over and over.  Why choose a picture that might not be so great instead of one that is awesome, just because I’ve used it before?

I’m a moment scrapper.

I don’t often scrap events, I spend my time scrapping moments and memories from our lives.  This lends itself to a having numerous options for pictures.  A picture can represent many different memories, so I can feasibly use a picture for a number of different layouts.

Is anyone really going to call me on it?

We talk about this often.  My scrapbooking is my scrapbooking, and there are no “rules” that I have to go by.  If I want to reuse pictures, then I’ll reuse the pictures.  Hopefully, down the road, my girls won’t look at their scrapbooks and ask me why I reused a picture.  Hopefully the focus will be on the memory.  That’s why I do this.

What about you, do you reuse photos on layouts?


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