A Week in the Life 2012

I don’t have a good record of keeping up with long term projects. I did Project 365 for all of 9 days. I can never seem to keep resolutions. Project Life and Project 52, all have fallen by the wayside after swearing that I was going to be able to make it through them. Needless to say, while A Week in the Life has always intrigued me, I’ve been hesitant to jump into the project. This year though, I am jumping in.

I’ve gathered a few resources this time around to help make it a bit easier to get this project done. First, I’ve decided that I’ll be using my phone exclusively to take the pictures for the project. I am planning on using Instagram for the majority of the pictures. I like the sharing aspect of Instagram.  I’ll be using #weekinthelife to label the pictures, as Ali suggests in this post.  I realize that the pictures I take with my phone and Instagram may not be the best, it will sure make it easier to get the pictures taken than having to carry around my point and shoot.

In terms of writing, I’ll be using a mixture of techniques. On her blog, Ali has provided some great sheets for recording notes as the week goes on. I’ll be using those. I also anticipate having a ton of small notes jotted down on all kinds of paper. These will make nice inclusions in the final album. I also plan on using Evernote on my phone for capturing some journaling on the go. When I go to put the album together, I’ll gather from all of these sources.

I’ll admit, one of the things that was holding me back from doing this project was what the final product would look like. How would I lay it all out? Would all of the pages look the same? What should I include? Do I want it to be a more graphic magazine style, or am I going to stick with a scrappy look? On Saturday morning those questions were answered. This weekend, Sara Gleason released this fantastic product:

I’ll be using these album templates exclusively to capture my Week in the Life. What I really like about them is that there are varying pages and prompts to help the album flow together. I also like that it includes both 8.5×11 and 12×12. I am planning on using the 8.5×11 and printing them out to include in an album. I’ll also be using some page protectors to gather all of the little pieces of memorabilia that I gather throughout the week. While I’ve seen some impressive Shutterfly books of the project, I like the idea of including all kinds of goodies in the final product.

So that’s the plan. I am really hoping that I can stick with it this time. Just putting it here on the blog will help keep me motivated to get it done.

Are you doing A Week in the Life? How are you planning on making it easier on yourself?

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