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5 Tips for Cost Effective Digital Scrapbooking

These are five tips for cost effective digital scrapbooking that I try to abide by. Continue reading

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Why I Left Big Community Forums for Facebook and Twitter

Is this you? You sit down at the computer, ready to start getting stuff done, but instead you spend 30-40 minutes checking in at and participating in community forums. For a long time this was me, I would spend the first half hour of my “online time” checking in at a number of forums, and going through and participating actively in those forums. As I’ve worked to better manage my time, I realized that I was squandering a good portion of time away in these community forums. It had to stop. Continue reading

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Foo Foo Numbers – Corrected Link

It’s come to my attention that the download I offered in my latest newsletter to the Foo Foo Numbers was a bad file.  I’ve corrected the link, and you should be able to download them now.  Click on the preview … Continue reading

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The Wearing of The Green

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Getting it All Done Was Killing Me

If you are the type of person who has trouble asking for or accepting help, you definitely want to check out my guest post at Simple Scrapper today.  I talk about my struggles with this, and the almost lethal effect … Continue reading

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Persnickety Prints Giveaway Winner!!

Thanks to all of the people who shared what they would use the $25 to print!  I went over to, and had them choose a number for me.  The results are: Congratulations to Carolyn!!  Please email me at … Continue reading

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What Captain Hook Has in Common with Lady Gaga, Steve Jobs, Neil Patrick Harris, and You

I have a soft spot for Villains, Disney Villains in particular.  I think it’s partially due to their “misunderstood” nature, something I readily identify with.  when you look hard enough at one of the Disney Villains, you are sure to … Continue reading

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To The Cloud…

Have you seen this commercial? I think it’s absolutely hysterical, especially the part when the wife gives the camera the puzzled look. Isn’t this how we all feel about “the cloud”? What is “the cloud” and how on earth is … Continue reading

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21 Creative “About Me” Layout Ideas

Last week, I asked everyone who follows me on Twitter or “Likes” my Facebook Fan Page what topic they wish they scrapped about more. One answer that seemed to come up over and over was “me” (not me, as in scrapbooking about Sir Scrapalot, but me meaning about themselves. Aren’t you glad I cleared that up?). I find it extremely difficult to scrapbook about myself as well, so I thought I would share a list of creative “About Me” layout topics. Continue reading

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Fighting the Battle for Better Time Management

A while back, I wrote about fighting the Energy Eater over at Simple Scrapper. Lately, however, I’m starting to see that the path to better time management isn’t about fighting one enemy, but a larger ongoing battle. One that takes time, one that will go on for a long time. Sometimes, I’ll be winning the battle, sometimes I’ll lose. Right now, I feel like I’m on the losing end of the battle, and here are some things that I am planning on doing to start winning this battle again. Continue reading

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